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Cottages under construction .
One of the cottages under construction.

We have 32 cottages under construction. The cottages are estimated to be ready for use by early next year. The state of art cottages will comprise of a restaurant, conference hall, a swimming pool, gym, salon and play field.

Snake parks under construction.

Construction of snake parks is currently underway and is expected to be finished by end of August 2011. This is one of the projects that are going on.

Bibilical mountains

Mountain of curses.

Bibilical mountains have been completed and all the montains in the Bible are represented. Islamic mountains are under construction and will be completed by the end of September 2011.


Our magnificent nature trail meanders all through the conservancy from the botanical garden through an indigenous gallery forest, savanna vegetation, wetland, artificial dam up to the play field bordering the camp site. It is one of the best nature trail in the country.
It has been designed in an eco-friendly style with raised dykes all through. This gives it a spectacular appearance and gives our visitors a bird view of attractions along it.
As you take a walk on our tail you will also have an opportunity of coming across rich and diverse ecosystems which include river line forest, savanna, wetland and open fresh waters.
The birders will also have time to celebrate since birds of different habitats are readily seen because of the diverse habitats along the trail. They will also be able to easily spot over 300 species of birds belonging to different habitats, some being rare and others being endangered e.g. the white crested turacco ,pin tailed whydah, grey crested crane
Nature and leisure lovers will have a wonderful time walking or just sitting in our natural picnics located along the trail adjacent to a quite river, the picnics are filled with tranquility with a cool breeze from the river hence giving visitors a private, cool and seclusive environment.
The meandering of our nature trail will also take you to the other side of the river via a beautiful make shift wooden bridge where you will have an opportunity of viewing butterflies and different game animals which include; cape elands, Debrazza’s monkeys , bushbuck blue duikers, dikdik, serval cat, mongoose, bat eared fox, otter and many others. It will also take you to our protected wetland for an opportunity to see the rare sitatunga antelopes.
Just as you are about to wind up the walk, you will pass through the genetically deformed animals orphanage. Here we have given refuge to over forty genetically deformed animals with different deformities. You will finally arrive at our manmade dam for boat riding or you can take a detour that will lead you to a playfield which has a number of out door games and a children’s play corner with merry go round, slides, swings and bouncing castle.

Latest Projects

Cottages and snake parks under contruction.

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Kitale Nature Conservancy is located within Kitale Municipality, on the Kitale-Lodwar road on the Western part of Kenya and is situated

God created planet earth. He breathed life into it in the form of flora and fauna. He also created life support systems which are air, water and soil.

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