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Cottages under construction .
One of the cottages under construction.

We have 32 cottages under construction. The cottages are estimated to be ready for use by early next year. The state of art cottages will comprise of a restaurant, conference hall, a swimming pool, gym, salon and play field.

Snake parks under construction.

Construction of snake parks is currently underway and is expected to be finished by end of August 2011. This is one of the projects that are going on.

Bibilical mountains

Mountain of curses.

Bibilical mountains have been completed and all the montains in the Bible are represented. Islamic mountains are under construction and will be completed by the end of September 2011.

Camping .

"Think globally but act locally" "We either act together or perish together"

Ndura is a passionate Nature lover whose life is guided by the fear of the lord and respect for his creation. His love for nature has made him the first person in the world to create a sanctuary for disabled animals besides engaging in various conservation initiatives aimed at fostering positive attitudes in the minds of our youths towards God's creation as informed by Genesis 1:28 in which God commanded man to replenish the earth (King James Version).


In this book Ndura looks at the symbolic story of creation, giving interpretation to various verses therein. He gives a deeper perspective of the true Jesus as opposed to the commonly known Jesus of Nazareth.

He also looks at the relationship of male and female in man from Biblical perspective and attributes the proliferation of single mothers and fatherless children to a man made theology that a Christian man should marry only one wife.

The reader is also taken through the Biblical history of hyssop depicting it as the plant God loves and which Ndura uses to cure many diseases.

The writer concludes his book by commenting on Jesus’ Lamentations on doctrines and commandments of men quoting Isaiah 29:13 and Luke 15:1-9

Ndura attributes whatever he has penned down in this book to God's revelation and not his academic research.

All glory and honor in this regard belong to God.


1. Jusus is Greater that Jesus of Nazareth


2. Polygamists also go to Heaven


3. Hyssop the Plant which God loves


4. Commandments and Doctrines of Men


Download a copy here.


Call; 0720 309108 / 0722 330803

Latest Projects

Cottages and snake parks under contruction.

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Kitale Nature Conservancy is located within Kitale Municipality, on the Kitale-Lodwar road on the Western part of Kenya and is situated

God created planet earth. He breathed life into it in the form of flora and fauna. He also created life support systems which are air, water and soil.

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