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Cottages under construction .
One of the cottages under construction.

We have 32 cottages under construction. The cottages are estimated to be ready for use by early next year. The state of art cottages will comprise of a restaurant, conference hall, a swimming pool, gym, salon and play field.

Snake parks under construction.

Construction of snake parks is currently underway and is expected to be finished by end of August 2011. This is one of the projects that are going on.

Bibilical mountains

Mountain of curses.

Bibilical mountains have been completed and all the montains in the Bible are represented. Islamic mountains are under construction and will be completed by the end of September 2011.

Message from the Director

"Think globally but act locally" "We either act together or perish together"


God created planet earth. He breathed life into it in the form of flora and fauna. He also created life support systems which are air, water and soil. Man was commanded to be the care taker. [Genesis].He was to use all the natural resources responsibly and sustainably. But alas! Man went into a destroying, degrading, depleting and polluting spree. He pumped tons and tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and created the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and climate change. As a result man’s survival up to the next century is increasingly becoming doubtful in the face of desertification, food scarcity, upsurge of diseases, rising sea level and collapse of ecosystems.
The various water bodies which have been sources of clean water have been polluted. Raw sewage has been discharged into them. Water catchment areas have been destroyed especially here in Kenya resulting into dwindling volumes of water affecting various economic activities which depended on these water bodies. The top soil has been degraded resulting into low agricultural yields. Cultivation is now up to the edge of the rivers and on hilltops. The soil conservation structures which used to be practiced in the past especially here in Kenya are no longer heard of. Top soil has been degraded or washed into the oceans. The ozone layer has been depleted. This has exposed man to ultra violet rays which are responsible for skin cancers and eye cataracts. Biodiversity is diminishing worldwide. According to CITES five plants endemic to Kenya have already become extinct. A number of wild animals are on the verge of extinction mostly because of poaching, unsustainable exploitation and habitat loss. The degree of people’s civilization can be determined by the way they treat their animals. Cruel behavior to animals graduates into savage behavior to fellow human beings.
Savage behavior by man to man has been a common occurrence especially in Africa. Teaching citizens to respect animals is teaching them to respect human beings.
The past and the present generations have been credited with the present mess we find in our planet. The effects of environmental mess are going to be with us for a long time. Our children will bear the blunt. They have therefore to be prepared well in the area of MITIGATION and ADAPTATION. Mr. Boniface Ndura who is a retired primary school teacher, a passionate nature lover and a patriot, conceived the idea of showing the world the way a quarter a century ago. With little education, meager financial resources, he has created Kitale Nature Conservancy whose vision is to be the national leader in the conservation of our environment and the country’s biodiversity. His conservancy is the only one in the world that keeps deformed domestic animals. These animals are shunned by people the world over and are never given a chance to live. In Kenya they are regarded as harbingers of bad things to come and are killed instantly. The conservancy today boasts of more than thirty such animals. The message Ndura has been sending to the world is that these animals have a right to live. Our botanical garden comprising of over eight hundred species of native flora is my attempt to conserve the country’s indigenous plants some of which are on the verge of extinction. I have always believed that in teaching, a picture is worthy a thousand words.

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Cottages and snake parks under contruction.

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Kitale Nature Conservancy is located within Kitale Municipality, on the Kitale-Lodwar road on the Western part of Kenya and is situated

God created planet earth. He breathed life into it in the form of flora and fauna. He also created life support systems which are air, water and soil.

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