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Cottages under construction .
One of the cottages under construction.

We have 32 cottages under construction. The cottages are estimated to be ready for use by early next year. The state of art cottages will comprise of a restaurant, conference hall, a swimming pool, gym, salon and play field.

Snake parks under construction.

Construction of snake parks is currently underway and is expected to be finished by end of August 2011. This is one of the projects that are going on.

Bibilical mountains

Mountain of curses.

Bibilical mountains have been completed and all the montains in the Bible are represented. Islamic mountains are under construction and will be completed by the end of September 2011.

Biodiversity conservation.

"Think globally but act locally" "We either act together or perish together"

A model of ozone depletion

Kitale Nature Conservancy is also leading in this region in the conservation of the country’s endangered animals. Our conservancy is now a sanctuary for the regionally endangered semi aquatic Sitatunga antelope (tragelophus spekei.) and the rare debrazza’s monkey (cercopethicus neglectus). We have also been given authority by the K.W.S to keep the rare Rothschild giraffe (girrafa Camelopardalis Rothschildii)
Our large botanical garden comprising of over 800 plant species places us in a class of our own in the conservation of the country’s nature flora. The main objective of our botanical garden is to conserve Kenya’s Native Flora with special emphasis on plants of concern. According to CITIES Kenya has already lost a number of our endemic plants species, and is on the verge of losing more. It is for this reason that our botanical garden has placed more emphasis on endangered, funerable, rare and endemic plant species. It has always been or considered opinion as a conservancy that endemic flora and fauna should be spread out as a way of safeguarding them from extinction. For example all endemic plant species of Kakamega forest have been introduced in our botanical garden and are all doing very well.
Loss of habitat has been identified as one of the factors leading to the shrinking of biodiversity world wide. Wetlands as habitats have been subjected to a lot of pressure from human activities, leading to the United Nations designating a global wetland day during which all countries are required to focus on the status of their wetlands.
Kitale Nature Conservancy is leading in this region in the area of wetland conservation education. Our expensive and very innovative wetland teaching model has been hailed by teachers, students and conservationists as a unique approach of teaching wetland conservation. It is a teaching model worthy seeing.

Our modified shamba system of indigenous trees is also worthy visiting. Using this system we have been able to plant over seventy thousand indigenous trees and shrubs in our Conservancy. Very soon we are likely to be the leading Conservancy in the supply of indigenous trees in the country.
We have recieved over 986 groups which include over 300 Primary, 400 Secondary schools, 100 university groups and over 186 special groups since its opening day on 22/Nov 2006 by the former Minister for Tourism MR MORRIS NZORO


Wetland vagetation habitat to Sitatunga antelope.


A model of ozone depletion,


Reafforestation project

Latest Projects

Cottages and snake parks under contruction.

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Kitale Nature Conservancy is located within Kitale Municipality, on the Kitale-Lodwar road on the Western part of Kenya and is situated

God created planet earth. He breathed life into it in the form of flora and fauna. He also created life support systems which are air, water and soil.

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