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Cottages under construction .
One of the cottages under construction.

We have 32 cottages under construction. The cottages are estimated to be ready for use by early next year. The state of art cottages will comprise of a restaurant, conference hall, a swimming pool, gym, salon and play field.

Snake parks under construction.

Construction of snake parks is currently underway and is expected to be finished by end of August 2011. This is one of the projects that are going on.

Bibilical mountains

Mountain of curses.

Bibilical mountains have been completed and all the montains in the Bible are represented. Islamic mountains are under construction and will be completed by the end of September 2011.

Rates .

"Think globally but act locally" "We either act together or perish together"

Park entrance fees Citizens Kshs. 150 Students, Pupils Children above 2 years, Kshs. 150
Non-Citizen USD 10 USD 5
Researchers Local Reseachers Kshs 1500 per day
International Researchers USD 50 per day
Team buiding General Kshs. 500 per person per day
Tour Guides General Free for a group of over ten people & Kshs. 500 per hour for less than ten people.
Conference Halls Main hall Kshs. 500 per hour (when a meal is ordered for the participants) and Kshs. 700 per hour (when no meal is ordered).
Mini hall/Caves Kshs. 300 per hour (when a meal is ordered for the participants) and Kshs. 500 per hour (when no meal is ordered).
Fishing road Per person per day Kshs. 100
Tents Two-man tent Kshs. 750 per day
Four-man tent Kshs. 1500 per day
Camping ground Per day Kshs. 500
Horse riding per ride per head Kshs. 100

We have three meal options:-
Full buffet
This has: mbuzi fry and stew, beef stew, chicken roast and stew, fish or liver, with roast potatoes, pilau, white rice, white and brown ugali, chapatti and mokimo. Vegetables and fruits salads, soups plus 500 ml soda for only Kshs. 600 per stomach.
Half buffet
This has: Mbuzi or beef stew, chicken roast and stew with pilau and white rice, Ugali, roast potatoes and chapatti. Vegetables and fruits salads plus 300 ml soda for only Kshs. 400 per person.
A’la cartel (plate service)
Here you will be served according to what you order e.g. a plate of beef / mbuzi /chicken , with ugali/rice /chapatti or chips with vegetable salads for Kshs. 250 per person

Full tea/coffee/chocolate/ with sausage, samosa, an egg and a ndazi for only Kshs. 100. and
Half tea/coffee/chocolate/with a snack for only Kshs. 50
Alternatively you can come with your meals and we prepare for you at a small fee i.e. our service charge is half the market cost of the raw food you will have brought.
NB: all your meals will be prepared by trained and experienced personnel.

Latest Projects

Cottages and snake parks under contruction.

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Kitale Nature Conservancy is located within Kitale Municipality, on the Kitale-Lodwar road on the Western part of Kenya and is situated

God created planet earth. He breathed life into it in the form of flora and fauna. He also created life support systems which are air, water and soil.

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